Europe Takes Measures

The patience of everyone has a limit. Up of the stock market authorities with speculators. And that bag and speculation are nearly synonymous. Tonight it has been made clear. Past eleven o’clock at night, the European authority of assets and markets (ESMA, for its acronym in English) delivered a hard statement announcing measures of four countries – Spain, France, Italy and Belgium – to curb the extreme volatility that has occurred in markets in recent weeks. ESMA wants to reinforce the requirements concerning the prohibition of disclosing information that give false or misleading signals about financial instruments, including the dissemination of rumours and false or misleading news, cried the communique. Roman paladino, the glass of the patience of the securities authorities of these countries has overflowed, and tonight same three of them announcing prohibitions on sales in short. The fourth, Italy, detailing its actions today. Source of the news:: Europe takes measures to tackle speculation in financial markets