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Who wants to buy a castle or a castle, must often long search to find a suitable object. Just so extraordinary as the exclusive real estate, which is also sold, the Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein the attractive Princess, a native Viennese, lived for many years in Munich and sold valuable antiques and paintings, such as currently Raphael, Monet or van Gogh long on behalf of palaces and castles, to a selected clientele. Life as a Princess is no longer so easy In contrast to earlier today most go to nobles of a professional activity. The family fortune from earlier centuries are used up, real estate and real estate are now been inherited by many descendants. If is missing then the life partner, it’s twice as hard to be her “husband” in life for a woman. She want to enjoy again, when she comes home, and is a man for her, but still the work fills out her life.

What remains is the good Name and a large portion of courage even the nobility of today has not forgotten it to fight. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ben Horowitz by clicking through. The Princess can not get, also from the storms of life. It sports, is very disciplined and paying attention to their health. The sale of castles, fortresses, and antiques special pleasure the Princess loves you with beautiful things to work around. She knows what such precious objects are worth and is fascinated by the often spectacular buildings with the accompanying precious antiques from various periods of history. There are castles with its own Lake, River, Park and vineyards – for horse enthusiasts with its own racetrack, for gourmets with a star restaurant, for business people with hotel or as a representative corporate headquarters. There are many prominent Lords of the Castle Internet Millionaire Jan Henric Buttner bought the Schloss Weissenhaus near Oldenburg, to continue the existing use. Talk master Gottschalk was Lord of the castle of the sugar Baker Castle of Marienfels in Remagen on the Rhine.

The American art collector Andrew Hale bought the Schloss Derneburg by Professor Georg Baselitz. More famous Lord of the Castle are: architect and sculptor Dominik of Boettinger, businessman Peter-Klaus Glaser. RWE head Jurgen Grossmann and Tengelmann-chef Erivan Haub bought themselves castles that have been converted to a hotel. The Princess has built the Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein an international network has the necessary international contacts, all over the world to act. Already for some years buy wealthy citizens from the former CIS countries, increasingly the most beautiful castles, preferably in Germany, of Switzerland, and also France at prices up to 60 million euros. Some of the most beautiful castle offers 2.5 million euros, were recently published in an auction catalog.

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Overall, the net amount of the price rich approximately 135,000 euros to 340,000 euros. End of August the plans were concluded and final information on the number of residential units is possible. Then also a concrete construction plan will create. On the coming Saturday and Sunday Managing Director the Upstalsboom vacation real estate also expects to consulting and information weekend a great interest of visitors. From 9:00 until 19: 00 the existing model apartment, as well as the observation deck on the grounds will be open. But visits are possible at any time. Upstalsboom resort Dahlberg Upstalsboom-resort hotel is a 4-star superior Dahlberg consists of eleven houses in solid construction, all of which are barrier-free accessible. The plant covers an area of about 18 hectares.

The originally planned number of 119 apartments will increase slightly, as the plans above are currently planning according to the customer’s wishes. Each apartment is equipped with a wood burning fireplace of piece of or Ethanolkamin, sauna and heated floors. The facility is located also a naturally landscaped garden area with children’s playground. For even more analysis, hear from Keith McLoughlin . The bistro Cafe, as well as massage and beauty practices offer additional amenities for the individual wellbeing holidays. In the Upstalsboom Hotel Deichgraf can the guests always enjoy the service in the restaurant, the bar and on the terrace. A large event space with catering service by the hotel’s restaurant makes a top address the system for business and family celebrations. The guest reception represents Frisian hospitality according to the proven Upstalsboom philosophy with its high service quality. Prices: from 135,000 euros to 340,000 euros (net price, including furnishings and small inventory) construction: late 2010 opening of the 1st section: expected summer/autumn 2012 jobs: around 60 contact person for press questions: Upstalsboom vacation real estate GmbH Managing Director Dipl.-Kauffrau Insa Janssen phone: 04921-8997 0 (Office Emden) 040-386 166 00 (Office Hamburg)

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That’s why many votes loud that are see the demolition as the only way out. De facto, the bad Bank (SAREB) in their business plan draws a Depreciation of 103 million in consideration for possible cracks. (Similarly see: This is reflected in an increase of 5% on home and apartment purchases in the past year. However, unlike Spain, these purchases are financed often Savings or selling holiday real estate (often on the Spanish coast), and not by easy loans, as they were thrown behind the customers in southern Europe.

Another difference between the real estate sectors of the two countries is the construction of holiday complexes (apartments and hotels) on the Spanish coasts. A phenomenon that has a low range in Germany and has significantly contributed to the real estate boom in Spain. So much so, that according to a report by Greenpeace, the building boom leaves behind a nearly destroyed coastline, at a construction rate of 2 acres a day between 1997 and 2005. Thus, one can say that Spain and Germany have different starting points in terms of its real estate sector. Spain has the hard case, a long and rocky road of recovery ahead. Germany undergoes change in purchase and rental behavior of its population and tried to dispel doubts about a real estate bubble that has no significance beyond the major cities. Contact: