TelDFax Marketing GmbH

Reduced electricity prices for new customers: from 13 cents per kilowatt hour, Troisdorf TelDFax lowers its electricity prices for new-the. The company thus passes the fallen procurement prices to consumers. To benefit from the low prices of up to 13 cents per kilowatt hour, consumers may request a PowerPaket as an additional option to the standard base – and co-regulation by TelDFax. The offer is valid from now until 31 July 2009 we are one of the first on the German electricity market all, which gives a favourable price development on the procurement page in this shape and height to consumers”, says Klaus Bath, Chairman of the Board of the TelDFax Holding AG. A decision not to expect from the long-established energy providers as bath, unless otherwise the Federal Government had decided not a tightening of antitrust law in April 2009, the power companies more to control and to ensure lower prices”.

About 60 larger providers, including the leading groups E.ON and RWE, had to give comprehensive information about their pricing the Federal Cartel Office until early May. “Bath: on the result it will be curious.” As a huge advantage for customers among TelDFax in Germany the cheapest electricity suppliers in times of economic crisis. “Bath: seen TelDFax is actually systemically important in contrast to other companies, even without State help to claim: only with providers like us, even something like a competition, the EU calls for years and belong to the competition succeeds also offers such as our PowerPakete.” A customer completes an order for a standard discount rate at TelDFax, he can bestellen in addition optionally add a PowerPaket himself. The packages are available in the sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. The larger the package booked a year in advance the amount of kilowatt hours, so the higher price of electricity is lower. With a reduced consumption, the difference to the already-purchased expires Volume. Therefore the consumers should make sure to order is not a too big package. He pays his consumption but above the package volume, in contrast to similar offerings on the market no more expensive consumption price: namely his discount rate GEwahlter at the commissioning attacks, as usually offered him TelDFax: with up to four cents per kilowatt hour cheaper, than the base fare of the respective local basic utility.

The offer is valid only for retail tariffs. The current volume of the corresponding package is verrechnet with the year forecast, which means that the advance payments on the basis of the remaining current share plus the fee will be determined. Power supply contracts, which include a PowerPaket, can be combined with the current and ongoing promotions. The TelDFax Marketing GmbH offers cheap electricity and gas supplies, telecommunications rates and Internet products, financial products and travel. TelDFax is a circular to provider at “Services for households in Germany and helps to keep cheap running costs of private customers and small and medium-sized businesses”, says Klaus Bath. TelDFax as budget catering stands firmly on the side of the consumer. TelDFax shows with its tariff models, that it is quite possible to offer services with high quality for a fair price.”