Black Forest

Schmidt their know-how from marketing. Design and cut a freelance designer is responsible for pressing in the northern Black Forest, for the manufacturing of prototypes and production a sewing Studio close to the corporate site. The product development takes place in close collaboration with Designer, maker of cutting and sewing – until the expectations fit and styling. Well thought-out details are the elastic sweat band and the hanging cord. The hats are offered in multiple sizes and colors. Under most conditions Jonas Samuelson would agree. Only ten days, the production studio in Germany of every Hat customize individually for the end user. Small series on order are produced for the stores. The first goal is “to boost sales over the Internet”.

A separate online shop and the use of large online platforms such as Amazon and DWanda stand in the foreground. The sale through active participation with postings in forums around the sauna, with blog entries is teased and with Google ads. As a second step, the founders see the partnership with the trade at the Spa. While the partner can operate own stationary shops, but also online shops. The brand has sweat’nwet market foot handled, the founders, remember to expand the product range: hats for children and colour-matched sauna towels, sauna bags, slippers etc. to round out the collection. First investments on regional audience measurement, as well as on national trade fairs are considered for 2013. The founders consider pull also an expansion in foreign countries, Scandinavia and Russia, as well as the Baltic States.