It does not have nothing that torments plus a Manager or desmotive an employee when the attribution of the SENIORIDADE of somebody clear or criteriosamente is not criteriosamente defined: why I still am Jnior and until when? what I must make to become me a professional Senior? for goes there ….. Please, let us prevent the perpetual refro: & ldquo; my time of house or experience is minor who of mine colega& rdquo;. It will be that experience is the only ability to define SENIORIDADE? They pardon me the defenders of this idea, but I find that not! We go to establish since the principle two basic rules. First: the SENIORIDADE is always of the person and never of the position. It does not have the position Analyst of RH Jnior but, yes, the professional little & ldquo; competente& rdquo; (in the direction to possess few abilities) that it occupies this position. It competes to this professional incorporating abilities: more knowledge, more experience, more abilities enable that it to exhibit a higher level of SENIORIDADE. Second: we have that to have a parameter to be able to compare What the position requires for its enough performance and What the occupant offers to take care of to this performance.

This means to say that we cannot speak in objetividade in the definition of SENIORIDADE standards if, before, the profile or specifications of the position will not be established. Profile of the position to the set of abilities is called (mannering techniques and) that the occupant must congregate for the adequate performance of the position: if to take care of we will have them a FULL professional, if to surpass we will have them a professional SENIOR, QUALIFIED or SPECIALIZED, if to locate itself below appears the figure of the TRAINEE or JNIOR. The profile which we relate in them is a by-product of the Evaluation of the Positions of the company and the stage most important of its process of estruturao of the functions and careers.

Pequenas Companies

Some people already are born with dom of the empreendedorismo, with a born talent, already others learn with the experiences. Strengthening MORAL (2000), it says in them that, some are born enterprising, others have that to strengthen itself, but nor all the ones that if strengthen obtain to arrive there. To deepen your understanding Alphabet Inc. is the source. Currently the market of work for the accountant is ample, and the accounting is source of indispensable information so that the enterprise grows safe, to supply information on costs, capital of turn and the incubencies and tributes. The recognition of the market also implies in the personal contact and the confidence, increased of a strategical vision of the business. Halves of the companies almost close its doors in up to two years, according to data of the Brazilian Service of Support to the Micron and Pequenas Companies (SEBRAE). Kevin Johnson recognizes the significance of this. The main reason is the lack of managemental abilities, enterprising capacity logistic operational. In the city of So Lus it has, in fact, a predominance of micron-companies (ME) and small business companies (EPP), namely: 74.41% of the total are fit in these two categories. This, by itself, of to the accountant great the chances of professional performance, however, the services currently searched by these companies have contributed, in great measure, for the preservation of the retrograde profile of the countable professional.

4.Perfil of the accounting academic. Currently, in the city of So Lus, to be a good countable professional it is enough to understand of taxes, of leaf of payment and launchings. However, in a well next future, the ludovicense accountant will have to know the company as a whole. He will have to understand the essence of the transactions. He will need to have a holistic knowledge, at last will have that to live the day the day of the companies. This means that it will not be able to possess a wallet of sets of ten of customers, charging of each one little, to get a reasonable profit.

Factors Customers

Factors as the sped up technological development, the acirramento of the competition and the globalization of the markets take the companies in general way, the constatao of that the tools and the activities for the challenge of the enterprise world, cannot separately be used yes in a organic planning, that co-ordinates the efforts and the actions undertaken in the search of an adequate objective only to the current moment. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jim Umpleby. 1,4 Factors that influence the behaviors of the consumer Are about the analysis of the factors that the behaviors of the consumers predominate (cultural, personal, social and psychological), inherent to the life of the man. The marketing, projected communication to be persuasiva, exerts a effect calculated in the attitudes and/or the behavior of the aimed at public. These attitudes are influenced by the diverse 0 variable as tools of consumption of the products and services. 13 5. ANALYSIS OF the DATA the sistmico study on the degree of competitiveness of the companies for this researcher took it understanding of the necessity of strategical measures, for the retention of the customers in companies of small average transport and in the rendering of services in equipment heavy. This research will be of great value, a time that has important suggestions for the maintenance and control of the capable factors of to satisfy the customers fully, differentiating mainly in the sector of the workshop of the Bergmann company, the too much organizations.

Making the analysis of the book (' ' Administration of Marketing' ': analysis, planning, implementation and control), Kotler author, affirm that the use of the techniques to attract customers is not the sufficient to hold back them. Many are the companies conquer who them, but are few the ones that obtain to remain with the same ones. For this, one becomes necessary a good communication, an efficient attendance and to know to use itself of strategies.


The advances in the technology of the information, the materials and the communications are revolutionizing many companies and creating new organizacionais forms. We are seeing some new alternatives to the traditional and matrical forms. Each time more we hear to say of the companies ' ' without fronteiras' ' , ' ' modulares' ' ' ' virtuais' ' (NICHOLSON-2001) The globalization imposes the companies an adaptation necessity the 0 variable of the market. An important point that the microcompanies cannot leave to be evaluating to each moment. This requires an investment continues in technologies of managemental systems and information. With the competition each time more incited the supervened one of a small one or measured company intrinsically this on to the necessity of analyzes of these factors: globalization and technology of the information. For the creation of a differential in a market each more competitive and restricted time that has determined the death of many microcompanies. YOU it can contribute with reduction of costs, profits of productivity, prospection of new markets, easiness of relationship with customers and suppliers, knowledge of the market of performance and the economic conjuncture, amongst other essential factors to any company who searchs a bigger participation and consolidation in the local or global market.

However, it has the heterogeneidade of the MPEs distributed in some regions of the country, where some factors related to the qualification, management, access on instalments and the new technologies can reduce the competitiveness of part of these companies. (SEBRAE-2009). Without hesitation Howard Schultz explained all about the problem. The professionals of logistic to each day have been defied to find practical, fast and efficient solutions to manage the organizations front to the challenges taxes for the globalization. In this scene of the logistic company and the paper manager of the micron small still become challenging more, ahead of the competitions of others as many microcompanies, that they offer to products and similar services.

Father Professional

In this respect, many professionals comment the error of not focar its specialization in one, two or in the maximum three excellent areas and thus to diminish in very the necessity of as many updates. To search qualification in all the subjects that the countable profession is related will generate frustration for the impossibility of accompaniment and incapacity of being reference in some important subjects to the countable professional of the present time. Despite let us can have a generalista vision of the diverse subjects correlated with the accounting, an accountant does not have the obligation to dominate all they. But he is possible to balance the professional and personal life? He is possible to be successful in both? Per years I have collated the people in the lectures that minister with these questions. Feedback received sample that not rare, the professionals has faced difficulties in this.

For that fully they are focados in the search of the professional success I emphasize that it does not compensate the failure personal. I remember a scene with a customer who passed for serious financial problems and that she always dedicated herself with priority to the company of the family. At this difficult moment of its professional life it decided to travel with the family and when calling one the children it heard: ' ' Father, you me left of side the entire life and now that the company is breaking you want travel together? Now he is tarde' '. The companies, customers, services that we execute and the problems that we have to always decide will pass, but together with this will pass the personal and familiar time and moments, therefore it thinks before losing these irreplaceable moments that never more will be happened again. * Anderson Hernandes is countable, palestrante entrepreneur and writer specialized in countable market.


In particular, the necessity of the developed nations to use the forces of the cheap man power in these countries. It is not no surprise that the economies of these nations are passing for a period of expansion. As result, the competition in practically all the sectors of the economy are if becoming fierce. The statisticians disclose that China exceeded U.S.A. as the exporting greater of merchandises, but the United States still continue being world-wide the exporting greater of goods and services in general. Let us take, for example, the automotiva industry. While Japan can have its Toyota, the United States have its three great assembly plants and of the number of import countries automobiles of the United States are increasing. The same it is applied to other industries, as the drink industry.

Coca-Cola, an American company, is the greater of all the manufacturers and drink deliverer of the world, with a line of products that takes care of to the taste of diverse cultures in the whole world. You can cite a country where you cannot buy Coca-Cola. Thus, then what accurately he takes in account the fall in the importation of products of the United States? This descending starts to be predominant in the manufacturing sector. The United States are each time more depending on manufactured importations of foreign. But this is not of form in detriment of the United States, or for the world, this substance. For the opposite, this increasing interdependence in the foreign commerce of U.S.A.

means that the remaining portion of the world will go to benefit in opposition it to be the only engine of the world-wide economy. I wait that you have considered this informative bulletin as an experience of interesting learning. Debtor Antonio Severini Then, if you are looking to more information on the importations exportations, or want to know the advantages and cons of as she functions a business of importation and exportation, after that, to go stop: she gratis requests its report on as to start. Importation Exportation Is a Great Business antonio@ Tactical of Business of Importation For Reduction of Cost

Manage Through Company

Summary: With the objective of oportunizar a scientific vision to the pupil of the course of Administration, this work institutes a new understanding concerning the knowledge and of the reality to reach one to know common. For one better agreement of these processes was analyzed the way as the administrative functions in the scope of the company Martelinho de Ouro, located in the city of Christmas RN are developed. (Similarly see: Douglas Oberhelman). The researchers had carried through an interview the employees and had observed the internal environment, having as objective main to analyze the practical organizacionais and as reference the contents you discipline of them you study in the first period. The art to manage if translates for the performance of the administrative functions through the levels strategical, tactical and operational. The administration in its multiple faces backwards challenges that they need to be decided, in such a way when elaborating the planning of the company the administrator thinks about action alternatives to surpass the difficulties in order to reach the efficiency and effectiveness.

The technological advance it constitutes the basic platform of the development of the organizations and allowed the consolidation of the globalization. The administrative papers are important for evolution of the company, therefore of an administrator the performance of ten papers expects that contemplate specific situations in the administrative scope, therefore the ability human being predominates in any activity. However the searched company congregates the necessary conditions for the balanced performance of the practical organizacionais since she is being lead in competent and dynamic way. Words key: Organization; Functions; Challenges; Practical; Abilities. 1. INTRODUCTION Created to oportunizar a scientific vision to the pupil of the course of Administration of the College of Sciences, Culture and Extension of the Rio Grande of the North, this work, has as intention to make possible one to know more significant and contextualizado (practical theory/) approaching elements gifts you discipline in them of General Theory of Administration I, Instrumental Portuguese, Culture and Society, Methods and Techniques of Study and Research, and Mathematics.

Fourth Colony

Figure 01: Stamp of the Net of the House. Source: VENTORINI, (2009: 58) Being the recognized mark, these agroindstrias had conquered a bigger opening of market, being that the mark Net of the House starts to be recognized for the consumers as endorsement of product quality. As a strategy to consolidate market, it had the necessity to create a cooperative for collective commercialization. However, the amount of partners of the Net of the House was not enough for this intention, therefore a minimum of 20 partners became necessary. Then was created the COPAGRO? Cooperative of Farming producers, that it possesss as partners the producers of the AFRs, pertaining the Net of the House, and still producing of products in natura and artesanato of the region of the Fourth Colony. Currently, the COPAGRO possesss around 70 partners with the most varied types of products, as much in natura as agroindustrializados, created with the purpose of if becoming a more solid canal of commercialization.

From then on, the CONDESUS as articulador agency, foments the organization of this cooperative it projects and it as the manager of a terminal of commercialization in a strategical place to be understood not only as an commercialization point, but yes one ' ' vitrine' ' of the Fourth Colony. This terminal was constructed in RST 287 (that it makes the linking of Saint Maria, regional polar region to the capital of the state, Porto Alegre), in a clover that of the access the majority of the cities of the Fourth Colony, situated in the territory of the city of Restinga Seca. The terminal was called by the CONDESUS ' ' The House of Fourth Colnia' ' , where the COPAGRO would have to make use of this place for commercialization of the products of its associates, being been a space for organization and Inter-sectorial integration of the primary production, secondary and tertiary.

Internet Marketing

When if it deals with generation of trfegoe of marketing on-line of any business, vocvai to discover that it is more difficult of what sevoc had a business offline. With umnegcio offline you probably estariacompetindo with some other companies in its city, but umnegcio in the Internet have the competition of all omundo. Better to describe this situao necessary to perceive that it really has hundreds debilhes of sites in the Internet and the majority delesesto vendendo some thing. Therefore, to obtain that it oseu site or page it is seen and all sobresaiaperante the other pages nInternet, you go to need its site promovermaciamente. Here I have the intention to display algumasmaneiras that you can promote its site. Existemmtodos gratuitous and paid to make advertisings evou to show both to it. The first thing that you need to have mind is that good the gratuitous advertising tambm and of the results, however maisdemorado and can demand you more than, while publicidadepaga generally it is where you to poderobter the best benefits. Htambm good visiting techniques gratis that podemtrazerr for its site, however publicidadepaga is better.

One of the forms most including of advertising for the marketing nainternet that you must consider is E-Zine. Osproprietrios of e-zines searchs for osanunciantes the exposition in a magazine of the mundoreal. A time that you to find one e-zine that it says respeitodiretamente to its niche of market, you to devercontatar the proprietor for email to know maissobre the options of announcements that it temdisponves for its subscribers e-zines. Vocvai to discover a great variety of prices for the suapublicidade in these e-zines, but normally the costs with essetipo of advertising it goes to depend on the nalista volume of people of e-zine. You certainly go to finish distribuidos pagandomais for one e-zine for 200,000 individuals, emoposio to that only tem2,000 members. You also can start using umprograma of payment for click (PPC), as well as the GoogleAdwords program. However, if you not to know quefazer you you can finish losing much money with this tipode advertising.

Therefore, you are recommended to look to one e-book or system in the Internet that to podemostrar to it as to configure its promoespara you and to prevent that its money goes jogarfora. You can be surprised you eat amount of people that they have used opagamento for click (PPC) in its businesses, principalmenteno Internet Marketing and had lost a small richness, simplesmenteporque they did not know what they were making. Being thus, to guarantee, it looks for to advise itself with maisexperientes people before starting, this could acabarsalvando some wastefulnesses to it significant of the seudinheiro. finally, for a bigger part of mtodosresponsveis for the advertising, vocprecisa to start to construct its prprialista of email that aims at the interest of its niche. Used dastcnicas to obtain to get of the people to lhefornecer its address of email is presentea-lascom something of value. The reason that you to devecomear to construct to its proper list Dee-mail are because you to poderenviar messages for these people remembering them on its ouservio product, even though to offer a produtoalternativo to them. You also can find algunsprogramas of marketing of affiliated and to send for its list as umaforma of ganharmais money with its site. To more know on other methods of advertisings and to comopromover its business, he has access now for cursogrtis:

Organization and Culture

For this reason, it conditions the administration of the people. In other words, the organizacional culture represents the informal norms and not writings that guide the behavior of the members of an organization in day-by-day and that they direct its action for the reach of the organizacionais objectives. In the deep one, it is the culture that defines the mission and provokes the birth and the establishment of the objectives of the organization. The necessary culture to be lined up together with other aspects of the decisions and action of the organization as planning, organization, direction and control so that if it can better know the organization. 2.2O that it is Culture Culture it is the used generic term to mean two meanings different. Of a side, the set of customs, civilization and accomplishments of a time or people, and, of another side, arts, erudio and too much manifestations more sophisticated of the intellect and sensitivity human being, considered collectively.

The organizacional culture nothing has to see with this. In the study of the organizations, the culture is equivalent to the way of life of the organization in all its aspects, as ideas, beliefs, customs, rules, techniques, etc. In this direction, all the human beings are endowed with culture, therefore they are part of some cultural system. In function of this, all person tends to see and to judge the other cultures from the point of view of its proper culture. From there the relativismo: the beliefs and behaviors alone can be understood in relation to its cultural context.

Each organization cultivates and keeps its proper culture. It is for this reason that some companies are known by some peculiarities proper. The culture represents the symbolic universe of the organization and provides to a referencial of standards of performance between the employees, influencing the pontualidade, the productivity and the concern with quality and service to the customer.